IMCER is a non-profit organization that is depents on donations, sponsorship and funding to fulfill its mission.

Please consider a one-time or recurring donation to support us in our cause.

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Your financial contribution will go towards:

  • The organization of international medical conferences and Post Graduate courses on Curaçao, resulting in:
    • a better understanding of medical topics from a local and international perspective to the benefit of medical professionals in Curaçao;
    • better support and understanding of the patients and their families;
    • an economic benefit for Curaçao by having groups of international professionals, their families and friends enjoy the tourism aspects the island has to offer.
  • The organization of educational programs for local medical professionals, resulting in:
    • better training for medical professionals in Curaçao;
    • support for exchange programs between local and international medical professionals who are looking to advance their skills and knowledge;
    • support for students in the medical field by offering them practical training and internship possibilities.
  • The support of medical research in the Caribbean, which is not as developed as in other countries, by offering:
    • PhD students the platform and practical support to conduct their research and publications;
    • graduate students the opportunity to perform their own or existing research under guidance and support.
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