Lauren Clement – medical student

The birth prevalence of congenital heart defects in children born between 01-01-2008 and 01-01-2018 in Aruba and Curacao’

Congenital heart defects (CHD) are defined as structural and/or functional defects of the heart. Currently, information concerning the exact birth prevalence of CHD in the former Netherlands Antilles is not known and has yet to be researched. In addition, the pediatric cardiologists in Curacao suspect that CHD are more common within the Curacaoen and Aruban pediatric population than in the Dutch pediatric population.

This study aims to calculate the birth prevalence of CHD in Aruba and Curacao. The results of this study will create more in depth knowledge of the clinical epidemiology of CHD in the former Netherlands Antilles. Therefore, this study carries significant clinical relevance to measure the magnitude of the problem and to identify the most prevalent types of congenital heart defects in the in the population of Curacao and Aruba.

The gathered information can be used to perform further research on CHD in Curacao and Aruba. Moreover, this data can be used in future genetic studies to evaluate the contribution of cardiac defects into congenital defects in the former Netherlands Antilles and evaluate the need for health interventions to prevent CHD in children born in the future.

About Lauren Clement

Lauren Clement (22) is a fourth year medical student from Leiden University / LUMC in the Netherlands. After finishing her bachelor’s degree, she wanted to do research before starting her medical rotations. Because pediatric cardiology sparked my interest, she reached out to dr. Lo-A-Njoe, pediatric cardiologist, for a possibility to do research in Curacao and Aruba. This created the opportunity to not only broaden her horizon with research, but also to experience life in these amazing countries.

In her down time Clement likes to cook, read, make music, watch movies and travel.