A successful medical conference is a great way to build bridges between medical professionals all over the world

At a conference the sharing of knowledge and experience is a major component. Just as important are the contacts made between researchers, practicing medical professionals and representatives of international institutions.

Because of its strategic location between Europe, North America and South America, the Caribbean - specifically Curaçao - offers the possibility to create networks between them. Additionally, it offers professionals in the Caribbean a great opportunity to learn from the best in their fields. For local medical healthcare professionals, traveling abroad is often not a possibility.

3rd Post Graduate Course Congenital Heart Disease

In October 2019 the 3rd Post Graduate Course Congenital Heart Disease was held in Curacao, with the goal to share the latest research findings in the field of congenital heart disease and facilitating professional and scientific dialogue. This is done with an emphasis on a humane approach to CHDs effects on the patient and the patient’s family.

The earlier editions in 2011 and 2016, yielded an ongoing work relationship between France and the United States as well as a lab in the Netherlands  propossing collaboration with a lab in the Caribbean for research. The conference even went trans-species by inviting a veterinarian to speak on CHD in different animal species.

The conference started with elective workshops on Thursday. The conference was Thursday evening through Saturday afternoon, with world class international presenters in a general session.

1st Family Centered Care Conference in Curacao

The Ronald McDonald House Charities in Curacao has initiated a national dialogue on Family Centered Care (FCC), which was kicked off with a conference on August 24, 2019. Representatives of government, foundations, clinics and insurances were invited to speak. An important voice was also given to the affected families.

The morning sessions were geared specifically towards professionals in the medical field. During the afternoon sessions selected families were invited to join the conversation and attend the sessions. This resulted in an amazing dialogue between professionals and families, which both sides gaining more understanding and consideration for the challenges that each group faces.


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